Judgments and Music in a Baby

Babies are such fragile beings that walk (or crawl) on earth. Babies are really sensitive. Any small detail in the atmosphere or just anywhere around a baby could alter his health and welfare. However, as little and as vulnerable as they may seem, these innocent angels have the ability to tell the difference between good and bad.

Researchers from Yale University recently concluded a study about how babies behave when strangers are around them. Their study say that babies can say if the stranger is someone good or bad basing on the actions they make later. In their experiment, they tested a group of infants ranging from the age of six months to ten months. The actions and various behaviors of these babies were recorded as the babies see different people whom they know none of. The researchers said that the babies would likely go with the people who would be blocked by another person rather than the person blocking someone from approaching the baby. In that case, the researchers placed a climber that was made out of wood and then they attached big eyes on it as the climber reaches the hill. One would push the other as the other tries to get the climber up the hill. As the study went on, they have said that almost 28 babies would most likely be with the helper than with the one stopping the climber from getting up the hill.

However, even though babies have no idea, which exactly is good, and which is bad, the researchers have concluded that they have an idea of the basic definition of the two.

tAside from knowing the good and bad people, babies also have the ability catch up on things, hypothetically, through music. Music has the ability to help the baby, learn and develop faster. Music either played on a compact disc or sung by a parent could aid in making your baby fall asleep and with it, the baby would sleep after a few seconds without bothering you that much.

Research also says that music suitable for children such as nursery rhymes (i.e. Twinkle Twinkle Little star) helps in the development of an infant’s speech ability. Singing nursery rhymes or just hearing songs being played would teach the baby on how words are formed and how they are connected to one another. There are some researches, which say that when you are playing a song or singing a song for your baby, he would start learning about, tune, beats and rhythms thus helping your child develop such a wonderful talent like singing and dancing. Music could also be one of a very fantastic way of entertaining your baby and you. Well, would it not be very entertaining to see your baby dancing as you play a song or sing a song. You might even be amused to hear your baby humming or even singing along with the song, much more talking.

There are a lot of things that a baby has that you might not have thought that he would have like the fact that your baby could identify who is good and who is bad, that he could judge attitude morally. But, since an infant is still an innocent angel, of course you would need to help them in developing the skills that he would need in his life and music could help you in that.

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